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What is openDAQ?

OpenDAQ is an USB based measurement and automation device, which provides user with multifunction data-logging capabilities such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timer, counter and many more.

OpenDAQ is an open source acquisition instrument, which allows users to customize their application in an unprecedented manner.

OpenDAQ is intended to be a low-cost, open, and easy to use interface between your computer and the physical world.

Interfacing openDAQ in a Linux O.S.

11 octubre 2013

In recent articles we have seen how to configure a Raspberry Pi to work...


Raspberry Pi & openDAQ (II)

24 febrero 2013

In the previous article we have seen that Raspberry Pi can work with directly with openDAQ, without any more than plugging each other through the USB port. In this article we will discuss a simple example of some interesting things that could be done by connecting the two instruments.


Raspberry Pi & openDAQ (I)

04 febrero 2013

Raspberry Pi is a board computer (SBC) the size of a credit card, which can be connected to a TV or a keyboard. It is a miniature PC with ARM processor that can be used for many of the things that a desktop PC can do, such as spreadsheets, word processors and games. You can even play HD video.