openDAQ [N]

NEW!: The new openDAQ [N] version substitutes legacy openDAQ [M] devices, offering an improved performance over the full ±12V range, combined with high input impedance at any voltage input range.

OpenDAQ is an open source acquisition instrument, which provides user with several physical interaction capabilities such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timers and counters.

By means of an USB connection, openDAQ brings all the information that it captures to a host computer, where you can decide how to process, display and store it. Several demos and examples are provided in support page.

OpenDAQ users also have access to the internal firmware of the device, which allows you to customize device functionalities in an unprecedented manner. 

The new N version of openDAQ represents an intermediate option that provides users with high performance and characteristics (16bit, high impedance, analog inputs, 14 bit analog output) regarding analog acquisition, as well as low cost.


  • 8 Single-Ended or Differential, 16-Bit Analog Inputs

  • Up to ±12 Volt Analog Input Range

  • Selectable PGA gains: +1, +2, +4, +5, +8, +10, +16, +32V/V

  • Up to 10000 Samples/Sec

  • Software or Hardware Timed Acquisition

  • Instrumentation Amplifier Inputs (high impedance)

  • 14-bit Analog Output, ±4V Range

  • 6 Digital I/O

  • Capture Mode for Frequency-to-Voltage Conversion

  • 16-Bit Counter Input

  • Pulse Width Modulation -PWM- Output (10bit)

  • Encoder Input

  • Waveform Generation: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square Signal Shapes

  • Watchdog Timer Function

  • Open-Source Firmware, User Editable

  • Ultra Small-Size: approx. 50x50mm (1.97”x1.97”)

  • Anodized Aluminum Case With Laser Marking

  • USB 2.0/1.1 Low Speed Interface, VCP

  • 100% Software Controlled, No Jumpers or Switches

  • USB Powered Device (No External Power Supply Needed)

  • +5V Power Supply Output

  • Python control library and low-level functions

  • Includes Demo Interfaces for Python

  • Works with Almost Every 32 and 64 bit O.S.

  • Includes Cable and Screwdriver

  • Money Back Guarantee (Check out our Terms & Conditions)